Features & Functions

Why are they Revolutionary?


We offer the first commercial MIDI Controller that works in the geometry of the 'space' around the user. It can track 'Positions' as well as the 'Rotations' of all the joints on the arm, as well as the hand and fingers. 

Start with all that the hand, forearm and elbow can affect, affordably and later add fingers to further expand the system’s capabilities.


Our MIDI mapping UI lets you easily assign motions of any knuckle, wrist and elbow, as well as rotations of the palm or the flexions of the fingers.

MIDIGLOVE and MIDI3D are fully DAW and outboard hardware agnostic allowing you to control any piece of gear that supports MIDI or OSC input.

All rotations and positions are streamed at 60fps (USB) or 30 frames per second (Wi-Fi).


Mix mapped effects through repeated motions or beat manoeuvres of the hand and arm, mixing effect for sounds that are not possible to hear in any other way.

MIDI3D can detect the momentum of forearm and hand speeds and not surprisingly, they are crucial in the way speed modulation can allow heightened expressive role for arm and hand; an interactive dance

Hear your caress or punch and all in between. 


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