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MacBook Setups

Today's MIDI3D is a PC instrument. While our Mac version will not be ready for shipping till Spring/Summer 2023, Mac users need to adopt one of the 3 PC workarounds below to stream real time MIDI3D data to their Mac DAW

1- Installing a Virtual Windows-10 on your MacBook

Virtual PC-3.png

Use our recommended Freeware Virtual PC to run simultaneously with your DAW on the Mac. You will need a Windows-10 License of course. Use it to run the hardware drivers and MIDI3D Interface to start and configure the system for streaming. Then minimise the Virtual PC and go on your Mac DAW to map or perform.

Things will slow down of course, when running 2 operating systems. We bought a 2017 MacBook online for £600 and installed the virtual Windows-10 and ran Logic and were able to run all the MIDI3D channels (8 segments). With the MIDIGLOVE, 9 and sometimes 10 segments were needed to make the system sputter (Logic with 6 tracks and 9/10 live mapped effects).

2- Using a PC to stream data to Mac thru a MIDI device

Workaround MIDI-5.png

If you can get a Windows-10 PC to run the hardware drivers and the MIDI3D interface, the system becomes straightforward.  Use USB to stream from the PC to a MIDI device with 'MIDI Thru', which will stream the same to MacBook using a USB adapter and the Mac MIDI Network software.


Both screens active, one monitoring the hand and arm animations to relate to the sound stream in real time and the Logic Pro on the MacBook. Low-to-mid spec PC can run both the hardware and the MIDI3D interface while any MIDI device with 'Thru' function will be able to stream the data to the MacBook.

3- Using a PC to stream data to Mac thru Ethernet (UDP)

Workaround WiFi-3.png

Another way the Mac MIDI Network can receive data stream from the PC is through Ethernet and letting both the Mac and the PC tap into the same network. A router is needed to let the data stream be broadcasted by the PC and received by the MacBook through UDP protocol. 


Artboard 1.png


Artboard 1 copy.png


Artboard 1 copy 2.png


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