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How we ended up putting motion capture to digital instrumentation, was accidental. The tech applied to MIDI MOCAP products like MIDI3D or MIDIGLOVE has been around for 5  or 6 years but no one noticed a connection. Well, we did. Better late than later.

The technology used in MIDI MOCAP services the 3D animation industry and all its bugs are long gone. That is one of the reasons that our products are affordable, which is leading to interest from the music scene that can now jump in and use a mature and affordable kit waiting to be used in ever newer ways.


Previous attempts to use a data glove with a computer are offered, by quite a few ventures, plugging into DAW software, all failing to capitalize on the core 3D potential of mocap technologies and offer a glove in motion. Their static wrist joint severely disables the potential.


No worries.  As pioneers in finger mocap in the 3D animation industry, our partners at Synertial Technologies are uniquely positioned to help us become the leaders in innovation by applying mocap technology to new musical instruments.

Our innovative solution uses the hand as the ultimate immersive instrument and then ready to service the fingers as well, not as switches, but analogue-like. We expect to be at the forefront of expanding the hand's role in creating digital music. 


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