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Shaping the future of music

Introducing MIDI3D Conductor – advanced music technology designed and developed by musicians, for musicians, to open up new dimensions of creative expression.


MIDI3D Conductor gives you fluid and dynamic control over your soundscape by intuitively interpreting your gestures, translating motion into music. Your body becomes the conduit between your imagination and the music-making process.


As a tool for your personal process, MIDI3D Conductor elevates your creative potential. As a performance instrument, it brings a new level of interaction and spectacle to your shows – your real-time movements become a visual representation of your imagination and musical artistry.


Embody your music, map your creativity with MIDI3D Conductor.

MIDI3D is the first commercial MIDI Controller to comprehensively capture your body’s movements in real time. Tracking positions and rotations of the hand, fingers and arm, its full realisation of 3D space along all axes translates geometry into sound.




Compatible with any MIDI- or OSC-enabled device, MIDI3D Conductor smoothly integrates with your chosen DAW or external hardware. It functions seamlessly on both Windows and MacOS, providing a straightforward plug-and-play experience.

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